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If you’re unhappy with your smile and are considering cosmetic dental services, then congratulations! That’s a great step forward! A smile makeover is the surest and fastest way to eliminate any dental issues, improve your smile and boost your self-esteem.

A smile makeover is the surest and fastest way to eliminate any dental issues

An experienced cosmetic dentist can perform the necessary repairs, implants and alignment to make your teeth look uniform and natural. However, since there are so many dentists offering smile design procedures, how do you choose the best cosmetic dentist for you?

Here’s a list of important steps we’ve put together to help kickstart your search.

Step 1: Check the dentist’s cosmetic dentistry experience

First, confirm that the dentist is certified through the dental board for their state.

Next, check their website for information about them, their teams and their formal education, training and qualifications.

You’d also want to check their service list. An experienced cosmetic dentist offers the key cosmetic dental services, including the following:

• porcelain dental veneers to address discoloration and minor misalignment, chips or cracks
• cosmetic dental implants to replace any missing teeth with artificial teeth that look natural
• braces to correct crooked and crowded teeth, overbites and underbites
• dental bonding to reshape broken teeth and restore their natural look
• Invisalign® if you prefer clear plastic removable orthodontic aligners instead of braces
• tooth whitening to whiten and brighten any discolored or stained teeth

Check the dentist’s cosmetic dentistry experience

Can they treat your dental issues? Can they help prevent further damage? Can they help you achieve the smile of your dreams? If the information is not there, call and ask.

Step 2: Ask for their Before & After photos

When choosing a cosmetic dentist to enhance your smile, look for visual evidence as proof of the work they’ve done for other patients. Some dentists also share case studies of real clients.

If they don’t have any Before & After photos on their websites, the dentist should be able to show you the photos when you go in for your consultation.

When asking for recommendations online, check whether past patients are open to sharing their personal Before & After photos with you.

If you’re happy with the Before & After photos and stories, perfect.

Ask for their Before & After photos

Step 3: Read the reviews and ask for recommendations

Cosmetic dental services can easily be found through a search on Google (try searching for “cosmetic dentists near me”). If a dentist has a Google My Business listing, their listing might contain some Google Reviews from their cosmetic patients.

You can ask for recommendations on Facebook, so other people can tag the Facebook page of their favourite cosmetic dentists. These pages usually have a section for Facebook Reviews. When reading through the recommendations and reviews, pay close attention to what people say about the quality of the cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Step 4: Find out about the dentist’s customer care

A cosmetic dentist must work with full transparency and start with a dental assessment to determine your condition and the best options that would help you achieve the smile you desire.

When you poll others who have recommended their dentists, ask about the dentist’s ethical practices, their personality, and the level of dental aftercare service to expect after your smile makeover.

Find out about the dentist’s customer care

You’d want a cosmetic dentist who delivers excellent customer care. Someone with a friendly bedside manner and who listens to your concerns and address any issues should anything happen to affect your new smile.

Step 5: Ask for a consultation

Cosmetic dentistry is a big deal. You’re undergoing procedures that bring drastic changes to your smile. You have an important decision to make, therefore request a consultation with the dentist before you make any financial commitment. This way, you can leave the clinic satisfied that you have all the information you need.

Ask about the costs, inclusions and expectations. As you shop around, ask each dentist for a list of what they’re proposing for your treatment plan. The proposed plan should be itemised and given to you to take home, allowing you some time to compare dentists, do your research and make an informed decision.

Ask for a consultation

If you find anything confusing while comparing dentists, or if you have any concerns about the inclusions, always seek a second opinion.

Our articles are not intended to be a substitute for professional dental advice, diagnosis or treatment with your dentist, dental hygienist or other medical professional. We recommend to always contact our professional team if you or the person you care for has any concerns about their oral health.

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